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Testmonial/what the customer says...

Category Date Last Name First Name Reviews
Business 2/28/2012 A. Andy

I can already see how it will be beneficial for everyday business as well as traveling on an airplane as a Carry-On item.

Business 7/22/2012 B. Cristal

Love love love my office on wheels. It is easy-breezy and very high quality!

Business 9/1/2013 M. Georg

I wish I knew about wide office before purchased regular

Business 6/15/2013 K. Rosemary

I heard great things about your products and plan to buy a business case asap.

Business 12/16/2013 B. Neil

Love the office.

Crafts 9/13/2012 D. Tina

I first learned about Tutto at a Stitches convention. I purchased a craft carrier. I loved it. I know have their luggage and I am about to buy another piece. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Election 1/14/2009 C. Margie We recently purchased precinct supply bags for each of the polling places in our county. We used them for the November general election, and our poll workers absolutely loved them. We've had many compliments about how roomy and easy to use they are.? We've also used them for voter education to transport supplies to schools, community centers, and other locations, and believe the purchase of these supply bags was one of the best investments we've made recently. ?The folks at Tutto were extremely helpful with our purchase, and we received the supply bags promptly after ordering them.? We highly recommend the precinct supply bags and the Tutto company to anyone looking for convenience and value.
Election 10/12/2010 M. Sandy

This is Sandy M. at Independence Township, Oakland County, Michigan. We have 18 of your 5224 EB Tutto Elections Bags. Your bags are the best thing since sliced bread. We load them up and they are easy to roll. They hold a ton of supplies. We love them.

Election 11/8/2014 T. Jay

Election bag is very impressive

Election 1/30/2016 Q. Debbie

We received our bags.  WE LOVE THEM!!!!! We are giving them out at poll worker training with their educational material in them.  We are going to ask them to take them to the polls with them Election Day.

Luggage 10/10/2012 J. Peoples

Bought at Prime med conference in 2010. People are always asking me at the airport luggage carousel about the luggage. I just smile and point as they need a luggage carrier and I just strap my luggage together and wheel merrily away.

Luggage 10/27/2012 E. Goldstein

We love Tutto luggage! We've been using it and recommending it for close to 20 years!

Luggage 11/11/2012 W. Candy

Yeah, I finally got a Tutto. All my friends had one and kept telling me I really needed one. I got it yesterday and can't wait to go some place!!!!

Luggage 9/14/2013 F. Stephanie
  • 4 wheels & handle that can move back & forth make it very easy to move.  Can easily pull, push, &/or change direction.
  • Because it rests all its weight on those wheels, Tutto never feels as heavy as 2-wheeled luggage carrying the same weight. 
  • Again that design allows me to do curbs without case trying to tip over &/or wrenching my wrist.  Even have, with minimal difficulty, pulled my cases up/down multiple stairs.
  • Strong frame makes for easy, balanced lifting – very important as I get older.
  • That same frame gives me a seat when there isn’t anywhere else except floor.
  •  Bad weather?  So far no problems.  Have pulled my >10 yr old Tutto in rain/snow & only either tipped it to let water run off or brushed off the snow – no leakage inside!
  • Because Tutto frames have a high clearance – no problems going thru puddles.
  • Can easily stack & pull either multiple Tuttos or other items I might have.
  • Folds compactly for easy storing.
  • Recently traveled w/handicapped sister.  She was thrilled to discover she could help – I pushed her in her wheelchair & she held the handle of the Tutto!   The piled up luggage came along beside her without any problems – even when turning.
  • Sometimes I look at other wheeled luggage (especially when on sale), but then remember the “extra 2 wheels” will be my body & therefore much of the weight will be on my arms/back.
  • Result – getting ready to buy my 6th Tutto – different size!


Luggage 2/08/2014 S. Susan Have had 2 tutto suitcases. Love them! Makes storing easy!


Luggage 3/27/2014 S. Beth I can't thank them enough for the wonderful customer services and the awesome products. They have made my life easier.


Luggage 11/08/2014 C. Denise I have several pieces of Tutto and they are really durable and great for apt living.


Machine 9/26/2012 B. Ann Watching all the serious quilters use Tutto to handle their expensive machines, I've GOT TO HAVE ONE!!! Just hate that the color selection for the size I need is so limited.
Machine 10/10/2012 H. Alexandra Fabulous! I love how people point and look at my suitcase trundling effortlessly along behind me at the airport, or anywhere for that matter as we frequently make trips to the quilting store with my prized sewing machine safely tucked inside my Tutto!!
Machine 10/21/2012 T. Paula I have a Large red Tutto for my sewing machine and Love it! Love it! Love it! I need to buy another larger one for my new Vikng Topaz!
Machine 11/10/2012 F. Sheila Have friends who have the machine on wheels and can't wait to get one (or several) of my own.
Machine 3/28/2013 H. JACQUELINE Sturdy, easy to load sewing machine and maneuver with the heavy duty wheels..this is the third bag each a different purpose that I am ordering...Highly recommend your products.
Machine 4/06/2014 M. Penny I am saving up to buy a large purple one, for my sewing machine. I am in a wheelchair and can't pull a 2 wheeled case. I have tried out a friends and LOVE it. Do you ever have sales? Thank you for making a case that people in wheelchairs can use.
Pets 8/25/2012 B. Wendy

Since 2004, I have been using your Tutto Pet carriers and they are the "purr-fect" way to transport my show cats. Tutto makes traveling easy for me and comfortable and safe my my cats.

Pets 9/12/2012 H. Cindy My show friends all have the pet carriers and I can't wait to get some of my own. They are superb!
Pets 9/25/2012 L. Michlein We just bought the pet carrier and are working to introduce it to our dog.
Pets 8/27/2014 L. Carter Have been told your pet carry one is bay far the BEST! Ordered one for an upcoming trip ...looking especially forward to the wheels as my shoulders get mighty sore carrying around a heavy load!
Steno 3/15/2009 S. Amy I have two bags, a 4222BCR and a 5222BCR.   It has absolutely, without question, saved me from serious physical damage to my arms and shoulders by enabling me to push or pull it much more effortlessly than having to virtually support my previous two-wheel bags.  
Steno 2/9/2010 B. Stephanie Just bought the steno case and love it so far!
Camera 11/7/2012 R. Jordan I love the Tutto Camera on Wheels Bag. One of the most innovative yet inexpensive rolling camera cases available.
Camera 2/15/2013 L. Theresa I love Tutto products.

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