Arthritis Foundation Favorably Reviews Tutto Luggage (December 19, 1994)


ATLANTA-- The Arthritis Foundation has favorably reviewed Mascot Metropolitan's Tutto Luggage.

"It is with pleasure that we award Mascot Metropolitan this favorable review," said Jerry G. Langley, chair of the Arthritis Foundation."An evaluation of this product by a panel of health-care professionals, consumers and foundation staff found that for people with arthritis,Tutto Luggage provides a significant improvement in ease of use over other types of luggage."

Features of the luggage evaluated were: the four-wheel base, which lessens weight and strain on the user's back and arms; rigid U-shaped puller bar anchored to each side of the frame, which makes it easier to maneuver the luggage and takes the bend and reach out of wheeling luggage; location of the wheels, which improves balance and traction; and light weight of the product.

The Arthritis Foundation is the source of help and hope for the nearly 40 million Americans who have arthritis. The foundation supports research to find ways to cure and prevent arthritis disease, and seeks to improve the quality of life for those affected by arthritis.

WDJ's Recommendation for a dog Carrier: Tutto Pet On Wheels

The Whole Dog Journal (Volume 6 Number 3 / March, 2003)

This superbly crafted carrier has three zippered entrances(top, front, and side), and is vented on the front, back, and one large side(this is the top,when the carrier is turned on its side under an airline seat). In cold or windy conditions, the vents can be covered with flaps that snap in place.
The lightweight, hollowtube frame protects the dog from getting smased; it's even strong enough to sit on while waiting in airport lines!

Pat Miller's aching shoulders would have been spared had she used the Pet On Wheels carrier, which sports an extendable handle and wheels, enabling you to effortlessly roll your dog from gate to gate. The carrier also has a comfortable carrying handle on top for lifting the carrier into cars,
etc. Other features include a large pocket for stowing treats, a water bottle, a leash, paperwork, and so on, and a washable synthetic fleece pad for the dog. The carrier folds to 31/2" when not in use.

Pet On Wheels comes in two sizes that can fit under airplane seats($130-$140, for dogs up to 18 pounds), and larger sizes for other applications.